As private citizens we each have a large number of possessions to keep safe and secure: cash, belongings, critical papers, even information. During the past we have put to use things such as safes and vaults, but we know for a fact that these can be broken into, therefore within the new century we turn to a considerably more reliable way of safeguarding what we highly value; a biometric safe.

A biometric safe uses new science and technologies that examines and recognizes physical and behavioral characteristics to secure information or valuables, much like a standard home safe.

Biometric technology recognizes a specific person according to physical or behavioral characteristics.Utilizing physical characteristics, things like finger prints, palm print, and iris identification or behavioral characteristics like voice, or handwriting are all approaches applied to help recognize a specific individual.

Biometric security system

This gives a huge advantage over the old fashioned passwords, locks, or combinations; instead of trying to not forget exactly what the password or combination was, or where the keys are, an individual can simply scan his or her fingerprint and achieve access.

Biometrics is growing progressively popular in the business world and public security systems.

A Biometric security system consists of a sensor that identifies the characteristic, a computer that reads and saves the info concerning that characteristic, and the software program to recognize and encode that info.

The biometrics system then records info, specific info about the individual such as a fingerprint. A fingerprint safe scans an individual’s fingerprint and the software identifies certain points on the fingerprint as “match” points, the points are then given a numerical value. The software encrypts the values (to prevent anybody from copying the information) and converts the info to a code or perhaps a graph, and when the individual tries to access the method once more, it compares the individual’s fingerprint “match points” with the one it has stored on file. This technique makes it challenging for anybody to copy and gain access.