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There are times where sports don’t really seem that important and we all connect on a level that goes much deeper than the bounce of a ball. This is one of those times. If you haven’t heard, President Obama announced Sunday night that the United States killed Osama bin Laden Sunday in Pakistan and confirmed through DNA that the body was his. Nine years, seven months and 20 days after September 11, 2001, the United States got their man and terminated the global face of terrorism. By the time the President made his statement, the celebration had raged for over an hour as the internet world erupted, as did UK’s campus, a handful of major league ballparks and pretty much every other place with a human presence. It’s a historic day for this country and it’s a testament to the fine people who courageously sacrifice normalcy and safety to serve overseas. So, today, let’s be thankful for all of our men and women who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces and keep those who lost their loved ones nearly 10 years ago on that awful day in our thoughts and prayers. God bless America and all the fine people who make it what it is.

A Few Brief UK Notes…

In terms of Kentucky basketball pursuits, the rising of the sun Monday starts the final week of pre-draft consideration for Kentucky’s underclassmen. The deadline for withdrawing from the NBA Draft is Sunday May 8. Between now and then, the guys will work with Coach Cal to make the most informed decisions they can (a huge part of that discussed below) and there is a decent chance that two out of the three players return. However, even if they all leave (a very good possibility too), Kentucky will still be projected as one of the favorites for another run to the Final Four. In less than a week, we will finally have our answers as to just how much of a juggernaut this team will be.

Kentucky Basketball

Along that same note, Kentucky will host the first ever “Kentucky Combine” Monday and Tuesday at the Joe Craft Center. Brandon Knight, Terrence Jones, DeAndre Liggins and Josh Harrellson will all go through drills and meet with NBA representatives as they look to get the best information regarding their positions in the June 23 draft. All NBA teams are expected to send representatives to Lexington. I’d say year one appears to be off to a good start.

In other presidential news, Kentucky appears to have finally found their man in UAB provost Eli Capilouto. He will be in Lexington Monday getting aquainted with students and faculty and could be announced as Lee Todd’s replacement as soon as Tuesday. Capilouto, according to Board of Trustees chairman Britt Brockman, was their preferred candidate because of his background in managing a “major medical complex and a major athletics program”. The good news for us, though, is that he passed at least the first round of 21st century dating. A google search of his name returns no nude photos. That’s already a win.

This weekend also brought the NFL Draft, which was both an exciting and slightly disappointing extravaganza. Randall Cobb slipped a bit, but ended up in an outstanding situation in Green Bay, where he’ll join the defending Super Bowl champs and get a good shot at some serious playing time as a rookie. Cobb got his moment with Goodell, which will pay dividends for the recruiting process, and served as a fitting ending to an outstanding career for the Cats. However, no other Cats were drafted, including Derrick Locke, who apparently fell out of favor with teams after some tests revealed some questions about a potential spine injury. Locke will no doubt get a shot as a free agent invitee to camp, though the lockout leaves that date a little questionable, and he’ll have an opportunity to prove that there is no concern there. As soon as the lockout ends, expect Locke, as well as three or four other Cats, to end up in a camp and push for roster spots.

On a non-UK note, what has gotten into the Memphis Grizzlies? Fresh off their elimination of the Spurs, Zach Randolph and Joran van der Gasol knocked off the Thunder in Oklahoma City only 36 hours after beating the Spurs and have taken home court advantage in the series. It’s going to be very tough to win yet another series as an eight-seed, but here’s to hoping they shock the world again. And that the Mavericks beat the Lakers.

That’s it for now. Make sure you stick around for Kentucky Sports Radio at 10am on Talk Radio 1080 for all kinds of good times and celebration. It’s a damn good day to be an American. In the meantime, here’s President Obama’s announcement, in case you missed it.