Malware Warnings

We’ve done it, my friends. After hours spent locked in the KSR bomb shelter with this playing on a loop, Hubby successfully defeated the malware warnings that some of you saw when you tried to access KSR Monday. You are now free to browse KSR in the most ridiculous and safe manner possible. It turns out there was not really a serious threat and BTI’s post was again the most toxic thing on the site, but that doesn’t mean we cannot rise together this morning and celebrate freedom anew. Let’s rejoice as one. And while you’re toasting your neighbor and waiting for the right moment to try that Kate Upton hug on Hunter Campbell, just run this little inventory through your brain. Since I took over the site for Matt, we’ve gotten an undefeated record at the Yum! Center, the demise of Bruce Pearl, a run to the Final Four, Osama bin Laden’s head and conquered the KSR malware epidemic. I’m not saying this is the Golden Era of KSR. The facts are. You’re welcome.

Now onto a few UK notes…

– This isn’t exactly prime news season and things tend to move a bit slower, making it tough to dig up a talking point or opinion that’s worthy of offering up for your thoughtful discussion. Monday took it to a new level though. It was boring. Tickle fight with Rob Bromely boring. So, it’s official. While there have been hints that we might be nearing it, this post officially ushers in the summer era of “let’s make a list and talk about it” time for the KSR night posts. Tonight, we ponder UK’s non-conference schedule and rank the games in the order that I’m looking forward to them. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong or awesome below. After all, tis the season.

(1) North Carolina – We jumped into this pretty heavy over the weekend and I still have this game at the top by a significant margin. And that’s because it offers everything. Talent. National implications. Anthony Davis and John Henson starting a fire by rubbing their stick bodies together in the post. This could be the best regular season basketball game of the last 10 years.

(2) Louisville – In every other year, this is at the top of the list. Peyton Siva gets the opportunity to be torched by the third-straight UK freshman point guard and Kentucky fans will be enjoy watching the reigning World’s Sexiest Athlete for the first time since Corey Sears got in late against LSU in February of 2002. After a steady diet of nobodies at The Bucket for the Cards, this could be a matchup of top-10 or even top-5 teams. We’ll see how Rick Pitino feels about recruiting one-and-done players when the buzzer sounds.

(3) Kansas – The inaugural made-for-ESPN double-header featuring the Cats, the Jayhawks, Duke and Michigan State matches UK and KU in a game that would have been infinitely better had it been held any season but this one. The Morris twins are gone, as is Josh Selby, as is Brady Morningstar and Mario Little. That might make campus a little safer, but it’s not going to help them save face in Madison Square Garden. If the Cats don’t win by 15, I’ll be surprised.

(4) Indiana – The Cats have beaten IU 16 out of the last 20 times and this year should be no different. It’s probably not going to be all that interesting, but it might be your last chance to see the Hoosiers as a regular season game. If they keep Crean on the sideline, this annual matchup might end up as an exhibition, sandwiched between Georgetown and Athletes in Action.

(5) Transy – With the Cats playing his alma mater, we’re guaranteed that no matter the result, Matt might cry himself to sleep.

(6) USF – With the Cats playing her alma mater, we’re guaranteed that no matter the result, my wife might cry herself to sleep. (Note: This only happens if UK beats Penn State and the Bulls beat Old Dominion)

(7) St. Johns – This is like the Kansas game in a lot of ways. Last year, it would have been awesome. This year? Not so much. With the transfer of staring forward Dwayne Polee, the Red Storm now have only one scholarship player returning.

(8) Penn State – Their coach just left for Navy. And took less money. That says just about all you need to say about the program. The Crispin brother’s ain’t walking through that door. And neither is John Amaechi. Or, umm, anyone else that played for the Nittany Lions. I can’t think of anyone. Calvin Booth maybe?

AAU coach played it a little more coy

– With that space filler out of the way, we can now move on to one of the few notes of the day. The speculation regarding Tony Woods and the likelihood that he’ll end up as a Wildcat continues. Matt said on the show Monday that he’s heard that Woods favors Kentucky by a healthy margin, but didn’t know if the staff was feelin the same way. In an interview with The Good Doctor, Woods’ AAU coach played it a little more coy, saying that he’s considering Tennessee, Xavier, Cincinnati and Oregon, but added “You always have to listen to Kentucky.” Either way, he’ll make his decision in mid-June. That’s at least a few weeks of these little paragraphs. Get excited!!!!!

– If you’re not really into all that waiting nonsense, then there is hope on the horizon for you. Ryan Harrow will announce his school this week, most likely Thursday or Friday. He kicked off his tour of colleges, which included stops at Texas, Georgia, Louisville and St. John’s by checking out Lexington, and will pick between those five schools. This all comes courtesy of Steve Jones, by way of his mother. In case you’ve been malware infected for the past few weeks, Harrow is a former five-star point guard who averaged 9 points and 3 assists as a freshman at NC State last season. He would be available to play in 2012-13.

– We noted earlier that Under Armor All-American defensive end Adolphus Washington included UK on his final five schools and it was met with some, well, skepticism in the comments section. It should be noted that ESPN also reported Monday evening that Washington’s teammate and fellow All-American, wide receiver Dwayne Stanford, will visit the Cats next month for their camp. Both players are rated as four-star prospects by Rivals and come from hail from Cincinnati, which the staff feels is an area that they need to penetrate. Someone call Marcus McClinton. We all need to believe.

– I’m going to reserve my celebration and/or full blown agony until the game is completely over, but let’s just save this space for the Mavs. Things are getting filthy right now. UPDATE: Who’s coming to Miami with me for the Finals?

– Compeletly unrelated but necessary to mention: Production of season 4 of Sons of Anarchy is currently underway. I hope that excites you as much as it does me.