The Life and Times of Tim on HBO

Well that was quite a day wasnt it? In one of the more fun days in KSR’s history, we had visitors from all over the internet, thanks primarily to the story from last night. It was the 2nd most hits in KSR history (behind only the day Billy Gillispie was fired) and the most unique visitors ever. We really didnt see that happening when we got up on Monday morning. But oh well, that is how it goes. I do have to once again give a shoutout to what is becoming by far my favorite show on television, The Life and Times of Tim on HBO. I discovered this show on HBO last year and was a huge fan of every episode. It seemed that I was the only person who watched it and at first, HBO cancelled it. But then it was brought back for a second season, the DVD was released and now it is garnering much better ratings. It is a cartoon with some of the dryest and wittiest writing you will see on television and describing it will not do it justice. If you have HBO check it out and if you dont, buy the DVD…its only 20 dollars and worth every penny.

Because of the busy night, we are just doing some quick hitter notes tonight:

— The UK Women’s Team is in the Sweet 16 after an impressive 70-52 win in Louisville tonight. The team got down early on the Spartans, but then sustained a late first half run and dominated the second half to create its best tournament success in a number of years. The Hoopsters now wait for their Sweet 16 opponent, which if the bracket holds form, will be #1 seeded Nebraska, a team that has had a great season and has generally been considered the second best team in the land. For the UK Hoops team, this year has been remarkable and a huge shout out to the girls and Coach Matthew Mitchell for doing such a tremendous job.

— The mens’ team leaves for Syracuse tomorrow and its pursuit of the first Final Four since 1998 for the Cats. The Cats were given Sunday off and had a light practice today. Calipari went on the radio this morning with Mike and Mike and in addition to absolutely toasting those guys, said that they are preparing for Cornell in the exact same way they have prepared all year. Light film study and then get to work playing their game. If the Cats execute their game effectively, they believe they will be fine against any opponent.


— As for Cornell, they have become media darlings as we all expected. It doesnt really bother me that the national media has hopped on the underdog Ivy storyline, as the reality is that if the opponent were UNC or Kansas, I would do the same thing. My hope is that we dont get too many “Ballers vs Books” storylines, which has been a line repeated on some radio shows. In my view that line of thinking (similar to the Catholics vs Convicts talk during the Notre Dame vs Miami games of the 80s) holds a great deal of stereotyping, both economic and , that bothers me. We havent seen it yet from any particular writer (except SI’s Andy Staples, but you cant take it seriously since he was talking about it in the context of a Rubik’s Cube), but if it comes, erruption from me is likely.

— I am headed to Syracuse on Wednesday. It is my second attempt to head to that city this year, with the last being snowed out on the road trip. If you know what to do in Syracuse, let me know as I will be there for (hopefully) three days by myself. A recipe for excitement.

— Watching UNC in the NIT makes me think, do we really realize we were in that last year? And we were waiting to lose to get a new coach. Crazy.

— Speaking of new coaches, two former Cat coaches could have new destinations soon. CBS is still holding down that Tubby could be at Auburn as soon as this week. And there is a great deal of talk about Gillispie getting the Houston job, with a potential interview this week. Should be interesting to see where both land. In other news, both Rick Pitino and Billy D say they wont take the St Johns job.

— Finally, apparently they are having a fan vote as 25% of the Naismath award this year, which seems bizarre to me, but whatever. In order to vote for John Wall, you need to text the number “1″ to 345345 and register your vote. This is a big push to get Wall the fan vote so go ahead and do it and act like this is American Idol and you want Ruben to win over Clay.