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Ryan Tydlacka’s Saturday Night Post


That’s right, . Cherish this moment. Take that football home and frame it. You’ll never want to forget the day you met the amazing punt-master, Ryan Tydlacka.

The Cats put the “L” in LSU today because taking a big one to the effect of 35-7. But you knew that. That’s not why you’re here. You are here to find some great insight or some hilarious banter about the game. Unfortunately for you, I have neither. It’s Saturday night, the Cats lost, Ryan Tydlacka is our best player, and there’s a city full of open bars to attend to. Get on it. But first, let’s take a look at what happened on this glorious worthless day.

Big Blue Madness tickets sold out in less than an hour this morning. Kentucky fans are just unbelievable, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Check out the posts and pictures on the site from this week of Madness camping. It was quite a sight to see. No one does it like UK fans. #BBN

– Ryan Tydlacka sures knows how to punt. Glad we reeled in this prized recruit. Sadly, we won’t be using him that much once we get the Patrick Towles era underway. I hope. To quote Hunter Campbell below…”10 punts. 424 yards. Long of 64 yards. 1 punt inside the 20. Heisman.”

Louisville lost to Marshall 17-13 at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. Teddy played the entire game, and not the Leprechaun. So I’m out of jokes. Ha! Suck it, Cards. Oh, wait…what’s that you say? We lost to them? Damn. Which leads me to my next point…

– We’re not very good at football this season.

– John Wall took part in the Chris Paul All-Star Benefit Game in Winston-Salem tonight. Basketball never ends. Yadda yadda. I wish the season would get here sooner.

Anthony Davis

– Take solace in that fact that our basketball team is going to be absolutely amazing this season.

– Depending on what line you got, there’s a good chance Kentucky covered the spread. Big accomplishment there. It’s the small victories, people. Also, don’t bet on/against your favorite team. Bad karma. Unless you’re doing the over/under.

– The criminal Jordan Jefferson got a touchdown against us today in his return to the Tigers. I take back everything I said about karma. It obviously does not exist.

– There’s an Indy race at the Kentucky Speedway tomorrow. Stay off 71 North because I’m trying to make the drive from Louisville to Cincinnati and I’d appreciate cutting back on traffic. Thanks, you guys are great.

– If you want to feel better about life, scroll down to the Anthony Davis post below and watch that video. Ahhhh, feels much better now.

Don’t sleep in late, y’all. It’s Sunday, you should be in church or something like that. Or at a delicious brunch with those in-laws you hate. No, actually, you should just be checking your fantasy football team and messing with your roster. Priorities.


Martin Scorsese’s Thursday News And Views

Martin Scorsese kicks back with Robert De Niro

Martin Scorsese kicks back with Robert De Niro on the set of Taxi Driver (1976)

Evening gents. And gentettes. Or something like that. Let’s get this party started, shall we? Many moons ago, a great director was born. They named him Martin. That director, Martin Scorsese turns 72 today. This guy has been a force in the motion picture industry for decades. From Taxi Driver, to Casino, to Goodfellas, to The Departed, and everything in between, he has put a lot of butts in theater seats and won plenty of awards. His next project due out is the musical about a young boy called Hugo, which I can’t say I’m too excited for. But Sinatra lies ahead after that, and one can only imagine how epic that will be.


Kentucky took Kansas to the woodshed without playing anywhere near their potential Tuesday night in NYC. Okay, maybe not the woodshed, it was only a 10 point win. How about the outhouse? Either way, people are still buzzing about our team succeeded on the national stage for the first time. But you guys already knew that. Still, it’s worth at least mentioning again, right? They better get used to it. This roller-coaster is officially a beginning its ascent up the big hill. Be sure to hold your hands high. In other news, Drew Franklin is a bada** for punking out a couple of Dukies.


A fantastic NAIA matcup took place between 1# UPike vs. 2# Mountain State at the East KY Expo Center in Pikeville. The defending NAIA National Champs and formerly-Pikeville-College Bears got the win, 98-93. The big story was the huge fight that broke out. Scratch that, TWO fights that broke out. The second ended with plenty of fouls that included Mountain State’s Peterson and both head coaches being ejected. Anthony Wireman and Scott Anderson live-tweeted the events, included the playing of “Cotton Eye Joe” in the final minute, which is the Pike County equivalent of Sandstorm. UPikes Setty went off for 30 pts (19 first half). He’s a Mason County product, so Darius Miller loves him like a son.


UCLA sucks and Shabazz knows it. Come on down to where the big boys plan, son. You won’t regret it. Ben Howland has already had to humbly reinstate his best player, Reeves Nelson, after suspending him just days ago.


In other recruiting news, Devonta Pollard is no longer considering the Cats. Cool. Oh, hey there Alex Poythress. Wonder if you had anything to do with this. Wait…hold the phones. SCRATCH THAT; the latest person to talk to Pollard says he still lists Kentucky as a school of interest.


Reports out of Louisville state that Peyton Siva has a bum ankle and will miss the Butler game. Check Louisville Sports Radio for more on the matter. And check out these pics Eric Crawford dropped on twitter. Well done. The basketball gods are currently hating hard of Rick Pitino. Looks like the angels in heaven had their own little ‘Louisville Hate Day’ and decided to turn it into a couple month long thing.


Speaking of NBA failures, Billy Hunter has been spewing out stuff this evening regarding the NBA players taking a shot at creating their own league. He points to plenty of venues being able to host the games. But what sponsors/venues would be willing to go against the NBA owners and ruin any future chances with the actual league? Who knows. Anything could happen at this point. I’m on the player’s side here, but I would LOVE to see a Replacements-style year. Someone let us sign up a KSR-squad.


It’s official: BRUCE PEARL will be on KSTV sometime next week. Actually, they’re just re-airing an old episode of Supermarket Sweep.


Travis Ford’s team did the improbable tonight. First, they were getting the butt handed to them by UTSA. Second, the OSU Cowboys somehow came back after being down 7 with 32 seconds left to win 90-85 in OT.


The Hall Of Fame Tipoff Classic’s Monday News And Views


In 1891, when James Naismith first instructed his Springfield students to throw a soccer ball into peach baskets to avoid going out into the harsh New England winter, he had know idea that a tournament would one day be played in his honor. But, this past weekend, some 120 years after the invention of the game, one of the best basketball teams in the country and some mediocre ones gathered in Uncasville, Connecticut for the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame Tip-off Classic. Those who witnessed the event called it the most exciting thing that has gone on in Uncasville since Tim McGraw played back-to-back shows over the summer. Literally hundreds of people – including Rajon Rondo, Worldwide Wes, Dan Issel, Andy Katz, and the Petersons from Shelbyville – packed the Mohegan Sun Arena for the final two rounds of the eight-team tournament. Sunday’s championship game pitted the No. 2 ranked Kentucky Wildcats and the Elder Dominions. It was a close battle for most of the contest but the Wildcats claimed the title in the end. The championship was also a moral victory for Kentucky head coach John Calipari, who finally silenced those critics who said he would never win one with one-and-dones. Well, Calipari haters, this tiny glass trophy is for you.

To your News and Views…

– Obviously, the story of the weekend was Kentucky’s successful run through the Hall of Fame Tip-Off Classic. Saturday’s game was the much more enjoyable game to watch of the two, but both were good games for the Cats going forward. Kentucky ran through Penn State with ease in the first game with 26 points from Doron “Nappy Boy” Lamb and another 19 from one half of the White Boy Academy, Kyle Wiltjer. The Cats showed their unselfishness with 19 assists on 28 field goals while knocking down 50% of their three-point attempts.

– The second game, however, was a whole ‘nother story. Kentucky struggled throughout against Old Dominion on Sunday, failing to really establish a comfortable lead until late in the game. The Monarchs led through most of the first half while Kentucky fans – and John Calipari – ripped their hair out watching Marquis Teague handle the ball. It seemed like the Kentucky point guard turned the ball over every single time he touched it. The box score credits Teague for six turnovers but there were plenty of times he lost control of the ball but was fortunate enough to have a teammate track it down. After the game, Calipari said his team played a “loop”, which is a zone offense that UK hasn’t used before. That could explain Teague’s struggles and the team’s 21 turnovers in the game.

– Another thing this team is going to have to work on going forward is their attitudes. I’ll be honest, I can’t stand Terrence Jones when he flexes and stares down defenders after a made basket. Doing it once or twice a game is great — no one loves trash talking more than me — but Jones does it entirely too much. Take your points and get back on defense. You’re supposed to be dominating these guys. That, and the jawing that led to the technical foul was completely uncalled for and 100% Jones’s fault. We don’t need that. Same goes for Marquis Teague a couple plays later, although he was provoked. It’s okay to be cocky, but don’t be thugs about it. John Wall was cocky with that “You Can’t Stop Me” smile on his face. That’s what we want to see, not what we saw on Sunday. (Now go kill me in the comments section.)

– I think it’s safe to say that the outcome of the game would’ve been different without Darius Miller. He played great on both ends of the floor and he was the glue that held everyone together when it was getting ugly. Darius finished with 13 points, five assists, and four rebounds in 28 minutes and played his role as leader perfectly. I hate to see him not in the starting five as a senior, but it might be the best place for him. He’s exactly what this young team needs coming off the bench. He’ll get his minutes either way.

Kentucky entered its game against Georgia

– It wasn’t all basketball this weekend for Kentucky, the Cats played a solid game down in Athens too. Kentucky entered its game against Georgia as a 31-point underdog against the Bulldogs and had a realistic shot of winning until a late fumble by Max Smith at the Kentucky 10. Georgia would score three plays later to make it 19-10, the way it would end. Take away that fumble and Ashely Lowery’s fumble before the half, and 10 free points come off the board for Georgia and we could be looking at a different outcome. But like someone in the comments section said, if Grandma had ashe’d be Grandpa. If, if, if.

– The loss to Georgia ruins any hopes for a bowl game for the Cats. That means this Saturday’s game against Tennessee is the bowl game. We’ve said it every November for the last five years, but I honestly think Kentucky has a chance. Unlike previous years when we’ve said Kentucky is good enough to compete, I think Tennessee is bad enough to suck with us. Tyler Bray coming back is huge for the Volunteers, though. #BeatTennessee

– Has there been a better weekend in college football…ever? Four of the nation’s Top 10 teams lost over the weekend in four of the most exciting games we’ve seen all season. Iowa State pulled off an enormous comeback to beat No. 2 Oklahoma State in double overtime on Friday; USC fought off an incredible comeback by Oregon to take down the No. 4 Ducks in Eugene; No. 5 Oklahoma learned that Baylor’s RG-III is the real deal; and No. 7 Clemson, well, they got spanked by NC State. It all helps set up that LSU-Alabama rematch for the National Championship that everyone wants to see. It also means that Monday’s top three teams in the country all come from the SEC West.

– There is a video from the Tennessee locker room that tells the story of how the Vols football program has fallen. The video has been pulled from YouTube but I was lucky enough to catch it before it disappeared. It was taken in the Tennessee locker room right after the win over Vandy and the players are going absolutely crazy. You’d think they just won the National Championship by the way they’re acting. They are throwing Derek Dooley in the air (seriously) and carrying him around on their shoulders. Some of the players look like they’re crying. After a few minutes of celebration, Dooley silences his team and yells, “The one thing Tennessee always does is kicks the s— out of Vanderbilt.” Then they all sing some song in unison about being better than Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt. Yes, that’s right, Vanderbilt. They’re celebrating a win over Vanderbilt. I wish you could see it.